Eating is emotional. I don’t care what anyone says. How can something that raises our dopamine levels, provides us energy and the feeling of comfort and safety not be an emotional thing? Putting a stigma on emotional eating as a bad thing just causes more negativity around it. Binges, rebellious eating and restriction are spawned from these stigmas. 

It really doesn’t matter what you put in your mouth. What matters is the why! If you make yourself feel like dirt for having a second slice of birthday cake because you were full and didn’t really need it or because you had walked in “planning” on having just one slice, you continue to propel the lie that eating just because you felt like it is bad. 

The only thing that matters is you being in touch enough with yourself that you know why you made the choice. You have to be able to begin to do that without judging yourself. If you ever want to truly feel free around food then you have to stop experiencing shame around it. 

Studies have actually shown that people who do not carry shame around eating do not binge and even eat “their feelings” far less.

When food is connected to your weight it is very hard to make a judge-free choice. It is just as hard to avoid feelings of shame. A key component in releasing your food judgements is to stop beating yourself up over your choices. The desire to not gain or to lose more weight will always have a power over you that connects your worth with your weight. You got to clean that garbage out, girl!  You have to own your choices not because of how they effect your body shape but because of how they effect your soul. Take authority over them. No matter how crappy they seem to be, get in touch with why you made the choice and then toss the rest of your negative thoughts to the curb. It is when we feel “weak” and “undeserving” of what we eat that we become frail and crumble. We do not trust our choices because our choices have caused us to experience some kind of uneasy feeling or experience in the past, typically connected to our weight. Finding a way to let go of that will heal your relationship to food. Removing the effects food has on your weight from the equation is so dang liberating! Weight loss has to be on the back burner when you are trying to have a positive relationship to food. The focus needs to just be on making mindful choices that make you feel empowered and lift you up. It is not about picking the healthy salad all the time. It is about making a choice to have whatever it is you feel like having and standing behind that choice proudly. Not because it is the, “healthy choice” or the “right choice” or the “better choice.” Simply because it is YOUR CHOICE!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! The idea of judge-free eating….like WHOA! What would life be like with that in your tool box? Pretty awesome, no doubt.