Ever wake up feeling like you have already been defeated by the day?

Sometimes God moves in our lives in a way that makes us feel so free one moment and utterly frozen with fear in the next.

The idea of messing up, of not getting it right, of falling in to old behaviors strangles us to the point where we breath in more self-doubt than we do the living Spirit of Jesus.

Do not project failure in to your future. Stay present with yourself in the moment. God only works in the present with us. The past and future belong to Him and only the present is where we can have an immediate and productive relationship with God.

How does this translate to your eating and body image?

For starters, it means mediating on this:

Luke: 12:29 And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 

I used to take this passage as telling me not to freak out about getting enough food or water to survive.

Now, I see it in a different light.

It is still about survival. Here is the twist! The survival is in the context of fitting into the cultural standards of today via what we eat or drink. God tells us not to worry about it. That He has our backs.

Diet culture says the opposite.

Diet culture demands we put ALL our focus on what we EAT or DRINK. Casting fear and anxiety upon us if we should stray from that focus with the threat of rejection and failure in our lives. It is believing that we must conform to a standard of beauty (the thin ideal) to possess value, success, love and freedom. That we must feed off these values if we are to stay alive….to survive!

All of these messages are not from our loving God. They do not speak peace and joy. They do not mirror Christ’s image in any sort of way. What they do do is entangle us. Trap us into the net of self-doubt and worry. It is a hard place to find peace with the Lord ( and thus, with your self) when you are in constant struggle to catch your balance in an uneven and wavering net of beauty standards.

God’s word is eternal. Meaning, it holds a place of value from the past to the present to the future.

It is no surprise to God that diet culture exists. He knows and has always known how our bodies, as women, would be used as a form of oppression against us. The value that is placed on a woman’s beauty and how it must manifest the current ideal of the culture puts exorbitant amounts of stress on us. HOWEVER, this stress is not to be kept on our own human shoulders. It is meant to be handed to God. A tool for the Lord to draw us nearer to Him. To search for our value in His love and acceptance and not the world’s (society/culture).

He is straight up telling us, Don’t Believe The Hype! Your life is so much more than what you eat or drink (Your body/looks!).Our salvation, His grace and love do not depend on what size jeans you are rocking or if you can fit into last year’s swimsuit.

Focusing on our body, what we eat, what we drink, takes our eyes off of God. Anything that takes our eyes off of God is harmful. God requires us to stay with our eyes focused on Him because He knows that we worship whatever our eyes are focused on. 

Ask yourself, where are your eyes today? On achieving thinness in the blind belief that it will bring you peace in your life and joy with yourself OR on a loving God who has chosen you for who you are, who shows you fresh grace and mercy every day, who has a plan for your life that is only to prosper you and not to harm you?

It takes such strength to step outside our comfort zone and follow Christ. Yet, this is what is asked of us in EVERY area of our life (even our muffin tops and fat rolls). Pray for that strength. Pray for the ability to love yourself as God loves you.To let go of perfectionism and just stay in the present moment of who God has molded you to be today.