Photograph by Carter Fish, courtesy of Happily Eva After


Eva Amurri Martino is the real deal! I know this because I have been friends with her since  before she could drive. Super fun, totally adorable, witty as all sin, she is just a real girl’s girl.  Stylistically, she reigns supreme. Even before she began her lifestyle blog, Happily Eva After, Eva made an impact on other’s with her flair for fashion. Always the first one to have some fresh new Nike dunks in high school and curator of seriously, the best hand bag collection I have ever seen! Eva’s style reflects her approach to life: fresh, fun, flirty and fearless. She has zero ego. She knows what she likes, cares little for labels and just wants to make you laugh. When I think of a woman living authentically, Eva Amurri Martino is it!

As an actress and daughter of Hollywood icon, Susan Sarandon, Eva is no stranger to the pressures on one’s looks under the Hollywood spotlight. Regarding her latest endeavor as a lifestyle blogger, she has to be, “camera ready” just about everyday. With so much emphasis on a girl to look good, one has to wonder how she handles it all. In typical Eva style, her history with her body and her food hasn’t been perfect but it has been both honest and inspiring. Though she has always been tall and naturally slender (yes, this girl can eat. Let me tell you. I have witnessed her down a plate of french fries like it was nobody’s business!) she has not come through unscathed from body judgement and food issues. Like anyone else with boobs and a vagina, Eva knows what it’s like to feel dissatisfied with her body. She has also been totally open to discussing it. In one recent blog post she shared, Eva revealed some of her experiences with fears around food, the desire to look like someone else and the belief that a few extra spin classes and some squats would be her answer to a bigger booty. Today, Eva takes us even one step further behind the scenes of her life, sharing how Hollywood, motherhood and womanhood have all played a role in her relationship to food and her booty (I mean, body).

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

My legs! I love that they are super long, and they have always maintained my affection even as my weight has fluctuated.

What is something you used to hate about your body but now embrace?

I used to HATE my large breasts.  The irony of course, is that after breastfeeding two children they have shrunk five cup sizes.  I love the size now, but don’t like the sagginess.  But I prefer having the size I have now even if they’re saggy! It’s a funny way to embrace something, but I realize that my motherhood-changed body really does hold so much value for me.  It’s a marker not only of what I have been through to have my children but also of my body image journey!

How did your mother’s star status effect your own feelings around food and your body growing up?

She always had to be aware of her appearance, and so it definitely made me more aware of my own. I think the industry is so hard for women, so many ideals to uphold, and actresses definitely feel the pressure.

Did pregnancy and motherhood have any effect on changing feelings towards your relationship towards food and your body? If so, what were they? 

My pregnancies totally changed my relationship with food! It was so liberating to start eating for satisfaction and nutrition, and to let go of how I had seen my body before.  It really taught me that my body is capable of so much more than just how aesthetically pleasing it is! It grew two perfect humans AND birthed them! I respect my body now more than ever.

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self regarding your body image?

I would say “you’re always going to have likes and dislikes, and they may not be what you expect!”: For example, I would never think that I would prefer small, sagging breasts to the huge perky ones I had before. My old boobs were more universally pleasing, and yet I like the ones I have now so much! My favorite body parts have changed over time. I think it’s important to remember that it’s not about avoiding judgement completely, that is unrealistic.  It’s about not assigning so much importance to those moments of self judgement. Feel it, bless it, release it.

What has been a real turing point for you in your personal relationship towards eating and food freedom?

My pregnancies for sure!

Finish this sentence….”When I look in the mirror I see_____”  

the strongest person I know!

Where is an area you still feel insecure about regarding your body and how do you work to create a more positive relationship with any insecurities?

This sounds so stupid, but my butt is so flat and small now! When I used to have more time to work out, I had more muscle and more definition in my butt. After I had kids, my butt deflated and it makes me insecure sometimes. Especially in today’s media world where big beautiful booties reign supreme! I don’t stress about it though. Talk about a grass is always greener statement. LOL.

What is your favorite thing to do in order to relax when you feel yourself getting over-stressed?

I really like taking a yoga class, taking a walk in the fresh air, going to dinner with girlfriends, and THERAPY. Therapy is the best tool to destress of all.

Do you have a wellness routine? If so, what is it?

I wish I had more of a routine with exact methods or products. It’s more about making time for myself part of my routine.  

You are constantly being photographed and looking like you have it all together. How do you handle pressure from your job to remain grounded and positive around your looks?  

Being in front of the camera so often can be stressful, I’m not gonna lie.  Some days I’m just not feeling like getting photo-ready but the last thing you want online for the rest of time are pics where you don’t look your best.  I believe in the fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality.  Put some good music on, make a cup of tea, put some glowy makeup on, repeat positive affirmations about what you’re thankful for or what you’re proudest of yourself for.  Those things all help me keep my chin up on days I’m not feeling it.

Finish this sentence… “Every woman must_____if she wants to truly love herself.”

Surrender! Every woman has a quality (or many!) that are uniquely beautiful. Lean in to those, and surrender the rest.  Nobody is all-around perfect. Literally nobody. Internalize that fact and allow yourself to be every ounce of the person you are.

What would be on the menu for your “Last Meal”?

Sushi!! A chef’s Omakase at a great Japanese restaurant. Ooooo baby, that sounds delish.