Galatians 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

“Food Freedom” is a term I use a lot. It has so much meaning to me. Mainly, because for so long, I was such a slave to what I ate.

Whether it was trying my hardest to stick to a particular diet or mindlessly chomping on handful after handful of chips, I was a slave to both.

In order to understand what food freedom is, we first need to understand what being a slave to food is, because you can’t be set free unless you were a first a slave.

A slave to food is living under the belief that food owns you, that you have no choice in the matter of what to eat. That you are not one of those people lucky enough to be born with the ability to just eat whatever you want or perhaps you are getting too old now to eat whatever you want. All your food must be eaten in a manner that supports a thinner you or else it is considered “cheating.”


Something to pay penance for later (Like an extra 45 min cardio session the next day or skipping breakfast the following morning.)

Most importantly, it is having anxious thoughts around food and what to eat or what you just ate consume you on a continual basis.

Now, let’s talk Food Freedom!

Food Freedom is having total relaxation and peace around food. It is giving your will surrounding food and how it effects your weight over to God. It is trusting God to give you mindfulness and intuition around what to eat without turning His guidance into a “diet” of its own. (Like, thinking that God wants you to eat salads all the time because they are healthy and since you ate the cupcake that was going against God’s will for your food. You cheated on God’s food plan.)

Food freedom means not planning ahead what you are going to eat for each meal or snack, but having enough varieties of food on hand whenever possible so that you can make a heartfelt choice based off God’s leading that honors your body’s hunger and cravings in the moment.

Food freedom means never thinking much about food outside of when you are hungry and feeling zero anxiety around what to eat when you are about to eat.

Food Freedom means eating foods that you find delicious and yummy and enjoy without guilt or shame or lack of control.

Slavery is deceptive. So often it can be something we reside in without even knowing it.

Food is one of these ways!

We attempt to get “healthy” or “fit” by hopping on the diet train. The next thing we know, we can not stop obsessing over what we eat, when we eat, how much we eat.

It is a slippery slope!

Rather then tune into God and seek His guidance around our food, we take matters in to our own hands. It’s easy to believe that God cares little about helping you decide between the smoked salmon omelet or the maple pecan french toast at brunch…but He does!

Once we start to become a slave to food, we become tuned out to God.

Food becomes our master.

Our weight becomes our idol.

Of course, we don’t see it that way. (Satan is so good at pulling the wool over our eyes!)

We tell ourselves that since this is all in the name of being “healthy” (because the world has brainwashed us into believing that being “thin” is the same as being “healthy”) that God must want this for us.

We attempt to hold ourselves “accountable” to God. Journaling what we eat. Sharing our weight loss or gains with others in a group. Posting pictures of ourselves “achieving” our goals and thanking God for the ability to not eat bread anymore, never have sugar, avoiding fat, surviving off a minimal amount of calories each day, getting those macros so perfect (who cares that we are sick of the same steamed sweet potato and quinoa dish, binge on doughnuts, cake and pizza till we almost puke or that we go to bed dreaming of eating our way through a massive bowl of Chicken Chow Mien.)

God does not want you to be hungry.

God does not want you to not eat carbs (Jesus is the bread of life…Hello!!! To be fair, I totally used to be guilty of wondering how many carbs were in that crumb of communion bread and thimble sized drink of grape juice. Been there. Done that!)

God does not want your worth to rely upon what number you see on the scale each day.

Freedom in Christ is freedom from our sin. It is living in the truth that we no longer need to prove ourselves to God (Or ourselves, or others!). We no longer need to attempt to receive forgiveness, mercy or grace through our acts.

To stand firm in this freedom means to trust in God. To believe His word over the worlds. To value His testimony of who you are above mans, because, like Jesus says, we know what is in a man so there is no point in needing to receive man’s affirmation.

To not be burdened by a yoke of slavery means to be alert. Compare everything we do to God’s word and be certain that it lines up with it. To seek God in ALL things and ABOVE all else. To live in the peace, the love, the forgiveness, the grace and the mercy that God has already given to us every moment of every second of our lives. ( Dieting has so little room for forgiveness, grace, mercy, peace and love outside of getting it right and hitting our weekly goals.)

God wants you to be healthy. He wants to heal you from food slavery. He wants to get you on the path to food freedom. Where you walk in peace and control over your food and body, not by acts of your will- power but by acts of God’s great grace and mercy and love for you.


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