Hope Hummus

I’m a bit of a hummus connoisseur. I usually  have at least three different varieties in my fridge at a time.

I put it on everything, from hard-boiled egg whites to fish tacos to zucchini noodles. Basically, every solid food I eat is just a vehicle for me to put hummus on it.

With all the new varieties popping up, it hasn’t been hard to find fun flavors. What has been hard is finding a hummus that is both interesting and authentic.

All the store-bought ones I have tried resemble the same characteristics: overly blended, slightly dull and just a bit flat on the palate. I think this is mainly to blame on less than ideal ingredients like potassium sorbate and added oils such as Canola or Safflower.

Not to mention hardly any of them are Non GMO and even fewer are organic. 

It’s for this reason that I almost passed up the opportunity to try the latest addition to the hummus shelves at Whole Foods — Hope Hummus.

Sure, it comes with bright, flirty colors and an adorable package that just begs to be taken home with you, but at $4 bucks a pop, I had to wonder if it was gonna be worth it. At the rate I go through hummus, I have to be thrifty with my spending.

Well, the Lord must have heard my hummus prayers because the other day, meandering down the hummus aisle, there it was… Hope Hummus… on sale for an amazing $2.50!

hope hummus is the best
This is the bomb hummus !

I quickly scooped up one of every flavor. I got the Spicy Avocado, the Thai Coconut Curry, the Original for the kiddies, the Sriracha for my husband and my personal favorite, the Kale and Pesto.

All I have to say about Hope is, “Good L’aaawwwdd, this is a mighty fine hummus!”

It is seriously banging!

It’s fresh, it’s flavorful and it tastes just like it was made in your very own kitchen. It’s also all organic and uses nothing more than citric acid to maintain freshness. Even better, there is absolutely no added oils for filler. It may be by far the purest and most authentic hummus on the market.