1 Corinthians 14:10 …but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.


Satan’s job is to remind us of our imperfection. He plays on our insecurities which drives us to desire to be like God.

What we are looking for in that desire is twofold-power and security.

They also happen to be the two main things we look for when we are dieting.

We want to be thin so people will like us. So that we fit in. So that we can brag about how “healthy” we are. So that we can wear the latest fashions and feel “good” in them.  So that we can feel secure in our lives.

Recognize that anything you are chasing in life boils down to your desire for power and security.

Your desire to be like God. To have no struggles.

Don’t you just love how those weight loss commercials make it look as though if you can just get your lazy butt to the gym and stop eating food (this week they say it’s carbs, next week we are told it’s fat) you can be so full of life and happiness again?

If the industry did not make it look so darn appealing, they would not get us to be chasing after it and getting our friends and family on board while we are at it.

It is so challenging not to be blinded to the truth of why we chase worldly things, like weight loss.

We want to so much to believe that what we are doing is beneficial for ourselves and thus, something that would make God happy.

We think: God wants me to be thin because thin people are healthy so He must want me to be on this weight loss journey.

With weight loss you can cover it up with a million fake facades. Believing that thin equals healthy is the number one.

I just want to be healthy. I want to be able to make it up a flight of stairs. I want to have more energy.

Guess what….you can achieve ALL those things and still not be thin!

Also, plenty of thin people can not run a mile, hold a yoga pose for sixty seconds or make it through the day without drinking a gallon of coffee for added energy.

The world of dieting (and the majority of the medical industry) is all about trying to convince us (and it isn’t hard) that you can’t have a good, quality life unless you are thin.

The word of God tells us that you can’t have a good quality life outside of him.

Perfection is not something we can earn or work for outside of God. Our idea of perfection is really only a mirage because our definition of perfect changes all the time, especially around beauty.

In some parts of the world, having long ear lobes or scarred bellies is considered a mark of perfection.

If your definition of beauty includes being perfect then you have a very unstable definition.

One that is not universal, as God’s perfection is. Perfect can’t waiver, falter or change. It is a constant.

God is perfect because God never changes. He is the great I AM. He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

People are not.

People change with the wind.

That is how it is meant to be. We were created to have God as our anchor, not the world.

To reflect all aspects of God and what He finds beautiful…and He finds fat just as beautiful as thin.

What He does not find beautiful is hatred. Hatred to yourself. Hatred towards others for not looking as you do. Hatred to your body through means of starving it, over feeding it, not loving it through the eyes of Jesus but through your own small, human perception of the measure by which you deserve love.

1 Corinthians 14:10 …but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

I deserve love when I am perfect. 

I deserve love when I am thin.

Being thin is as close to perfection as you can get.

Being thin will make the imperfections disappear.

This is where we have it all wrong.

God is perfection.

Not our weight. Not our diet plan. Not our doctors idea of where our BMI needs to be. Not the models on the runway or the movie stars on the screen.


The closer you get to God, the closer you get to perfect. The more the “imperfect disappears.”

You will never be fully perfect as long as you remain in your human body…no matter how many bootcamp classes and intermittent fastings you do.

You do not have the supernatural ability, despite what the dieting industry and media try to tell you, to make your “imperfect” disappear.

Let Go of perfect. Grab hold of God. watch your imperfections disappear…His way.


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