I can recall the day my health coach, Isabel Foxen Duke, told me that she did not reach full recovery from her disordered eating until after two years.

I nearly fell out of my chair!

Two years??!!!

Like, who has time for that?

What I had needed to be resolved in more like, two months.

I was overwhelmed with anxiety in my life.

I hated my body.

I had no clue how to even eat anymore.

I had tried giving up on dieting but felt that need to restrict whatever I ate looming over my shoulder anytime I even thought about food.

I knew I needed help but still, the idea of anything taking two years seemed a bit crazy to me.

To be perfectly frank, it scared the daylights out of me.

Anyone who has ever healed from something knows that it takes a great deal of strength, courage, motivation and self-reflection.

It also takes TIME!

Our journey is not to reach the end but to be strengthened for every spiritual battle we will have to face in our life time and to be a support to others through the same.

When God freed the slaves from Egypt, He did not take them on the eleven day journey it actually took to cross the Jordan. He made them wander in the dessert for forty years.

He did this not to punish but to teach his children patience and perseverance.

God knew what wars lay ahead for them. If they were not taught the skills to survive, they would be killed before ever reaching the promised land.

When I looked ahead, when I fell into the trap of my own plans and ideas of what this process should look like, when I believed I was failing because I “screwed” things up, didn’t “get it right,” still took huge face plants into disheartening choices….this was when I was growing most.

There is no redemption in the rush.

It is not a race against time we are up against but an opportunity to lean into God, to rest under His supernatural support.

The healthy eating will come when you stop trying to “fast-forward” the healing process.

Three great things to remember while you work out your health:

1.) Time is a gift not a hinderance, so learn what you can while you relax in the shade of his mighty wings.

2.) Leave the hard stuff up to the Lord. He does not need your advice.

3.) Your restoration is upon you. Slow down and believe.

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