When I began intuitive eating I had a hard time at first with all the “free foods.”

Like most of us who start to legalize what we eat, the lack of what seems like direction or focus can be frustrating and downright paralyzing. Suddenly, we throw ourselves into a world where nothing is off-limits…and it scares the heck out of us

What will eating these foods do to my body? 

Will I get fatter?

Will I get sick?

Will I forever eat cupcakes and Doritoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

It all felt so taboo.

What I realized was that after a lifetime of dieting…

I had forgotten how to make REAL choices.

I was so brain-washed into following someone else’s plan for my food that I no longer trusted my own body to tell me what to eat. Not to mention the fact that after years of restricting myself from all things super fun and yummy, my body only really wanted to drown itself in salt and sugar.

I recall all the days I would wake up just hating myself for not getting “it right.” For deciding that this day I just knew my body would want veggies and avocado toast for a meal only to find myself digging through half eaten boxes of Chips A-hoy to satisfy that morning hunger.

Yet again, I was a failure. Yet again, I impulsively ate rather than mindfully.

I was missing the point.

The point was not to get it “right.” The point was not to pre-decide what I thought my body should be eating based off my years of dieting and social influences. The point was to make a darn choice and stand by it.

The point was to not believe the “hype” and trust that whatever my body was telling me it wanted in the moment, I had permission to honor it by giving it. 

I also had the choice to not honor it. To go another route. That was also ok.

Dieting teaches us that we do not have a choice. That what we have been feeding ourselves has hurt us. That we can not be trusted with choices. 


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God knows we can be trusted with choices. He gave us the very gift of choice-making!

Everyday we get to decide if we are going to follow His leading or let the devil take us by the hand.

We can choose to either believe the false lies and promises of the dieting industry or trust that God created our bodies perfectly and if we honor what they need, we will be inline with His plan for our bodies.

There is the false story of who we are…the one the devil consistently shoves in our faces…that we are weak, we don’t measure up, we can’t “get it right.”

Then there is the message of God…

that we are loved unconditionally.

That we are forgiven.

That to have “a choice” is a blessing we can trust and lean into.

If you want to stop second guessing yourself. If you want to finally trust your choices, start by putting your focus on your faith that god is leading you in the right direction. Stop letting satan define you through the smoke and mirrors of society’s unattainable and downright life-stealing standards.