What is Coaching?

Coaching is where you and I meet via phone or Skype. We talk about your major struggles with food in your life such as binging, stress eating and being fixated on what you eat. I will guide you to understand how to tune into God in a purposeful way that opens you up to bring forth a deeper faith in Him and a grace-filled healing. You will learn how to experience total relaxation around food through Biblical principals and guidance, wisdom-filled prayers and specific spiritually guided coaching from me. You will open the door to a vibrant trust and communication with God around food and your body like you have never experienced! You will also discover how to end yo-yo dieting. How to live your life where food and weight no longer play the major role, but rather God’s glory manifesting itself in you in a new and divine way! Most of all, you will finally feel like “you” again. The “you” that God created for living out an abundant life through Him!

Who Is Coaching For?

  1. Coaching is for anyone who has faith in God.
  2. Coaching is for anyone who wants to grow their faith in the Lord, creating a deeper and more personal relationship with Him.
  3. Coaching is for anyone who feels “stuck” in a negative cycle of food and their weight.
  4. Coaching is for anyone who struggles to maintain a relaxed and non-judgmental relationship towards food and their body.
  5. Coaching is for anyone who no longer wants to obsess over how much they weigh or feel a heavy burden trying to maintain what the world’s “ideal weight.”
  6. Coaching is for anyone who has no understanding of what being full or hungry feels like
  7. Coaching is for anyone who wishes to live with peace and control by the grace of God around their food.
  8. Coaching is for anyone who is sick of the yo-yo diet, frustrated with binging, tired of emotional eating and just plain worn out from dissatisfaction with themselves.
  9. Coaching is for anyone who is ready to trust in God for a full transformation over their mind and body not just around food and weight, but around how to truly tap into the abundant life of peace and joy God has given them.
  10. Coaching is for anyone who loves the Lord more then themselves and believes that the way they feel about food and their bodies currently is not what God intended for them.

Who Is Coaching NOT For?

  1. Coaching is not for you if you are looking to use this program as a new way to lose more weight.
  2. Coaching is not for anyone who does not have a spiritual belief in God.
  3. Coaching is not for anyone who does not feel ready to make an honest change in how they feel about food and their bodies.
  4. Coaching is not for anyone who is not ready to commit and make their time in the program a serious priority.

There is life on the other side of your food struggles!

God loves you!

God wants to break you out of these chains of yo-yo dieting, body hatred, food obsession and binge eating so that you can experience His glory. Love yourself again. Eat with confidence and peace. No longer feel trapped by what you eat and how much you weigh. To have a super-natural confidence that only walking this healing path with God will provide!

If you believe your life is meant for so much more than these food and body burdens and are ready to learn the how to use God for your healing, schedule a Free and prayer call with me!

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