If sipping on a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and just chilling with a good friend is your idea of happiness, then our private coaching sessions will be right up your alley.

In our sessions, we talk about anything and everything you want. Maybe you’re struggling to fit in exercise with all those extra hours you’ve been logging in at work. Or you can’t seem to organize your meal-planning for your family and never can deliver a dish that pleases all those picky palates in your home. Perhaps you’ve been riding the diet roller-coaster for so long, you have no clue what to eat or how much to even eat anymore.

Whatever is going on in your world is what we talk about because that “whatever” is what affects the foods you put into your body.

Working with me, you’ll discover a fresh way to enjoy food. You will learn what foods work best with your body and be given awesome tools to create super-easy and delicious recipes. You will also discover authentic ways to honor yourself mentally.

I offer two packages for you to choose from:

3-Month Gold Intensive (12 sessions)
6-Month Platinum (12 sessions)



Looking for something more in-depth but short on time, then Gold is the way to go!

Flexible on time and in search of some extra breathing room between sessions? The Platinum will deliver!

 Ready to discover your balance?

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3 -Month Platinum Intensive (12 sessions)