“I’ve suffered from I.B.S. for the past five years. It wasn’t until I began working with Courtney that I was able to really get my health under control. She helped me understand what foods worked best for me and worked alongside my nutritionist to create a food plan that was easy to follow. She gave sage advice on what vitamins and supplements I could take to aid in my healing. My illness had seriously put my life on hold and Courtney gave me it back! I feel amazing, better than I have in years. She put my health back in order in ways I never thought was possible.”

                                                                                                          -Danny Harwick-

“I can’t say enough about how much working with Courtney changed my life! As a mother of four young kids, getting to the gym and eating healthy has been a real challenge. I never had issues with my weight growing up, but since having kids, I have put on far more than I am comfortable with. I decided to get a group of mom-friends in similar situations as mine together and try out Courtney’s group coaching series. It was AMAZING! She guided all the ladies in the group in a smart, fun and very focused manner. Courtney provided support that helped each of us with our specific obstacles and it was so fun being in a group setting where we could all support one another. I looked forward to our bi-weekly sessions…it became my favorite part of the month! I got a handle on meal planning, my exercise and a real understanding of food and my behavior towards it. I have more energy, sleeping like a rock and finally fit into my pre-baby pants! I highly suggest having Courtney coach you. She is brilliant!”

                                                                                                        -Melissa Kidd-

“Working with Courtney is one of the best things I could’ve done for myself. She completely revamped my eating habits as well as what I provide for my family. Everybody in my household is now eating healthier. Courtney not only focuses on my eating habits, but also exercise and my emotional well-being. She is educated and is a wealth of knowledge and I am so happy I made the choice to work with her!”

                                                                                                           -Meghan L. Smith-  



I wanted to feel good and eat right, so I started working with Courtney. She has taught me so much about food and my body and how to live life with the two working in harmony.  She has made me realize that I have to think about what my body feels when I am eating, both on the physical level and on the mental. I am learning to treat my body with respect and love. I no longer feel guilt around food. If I eat a cookie, I don’t have to hate myself! I feel great thanks to her coaching and support.”

                                                                                                                       – Priscilla Booth-

“I have been on a diet since I was ten years old. It was always the same story, lose fast, gain it back even faster…plus a few extra! I finally decided that instead of jumping on the next fad diet or just imposing the old starvation tactic I have used so many times, I would hire a health coach to help me. I wanted to learn how to make lasting changes. From the moment I began working with Courtney I was amazed at how much I was learning. Thanks to her coaching, for the first time in my life, I am making better choices. Before working with Courtney, I based all my food choices and amounts on my plate off whatever diet I was on told me I should be doing. I counted, I measured, I restricted and I was left unsatisfied. Since working with Courtney, I have all the control back in my hands! I now chose what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. I base my choices off of what I have learned works best with my body and makes me feel healthy and strong. I am more happy, have way more energy and finally feel in control of my eating. I don’t beat myself up for eating a brownie and going off the, “diet.” I now eat it with empowerment, enjoying every bite and then letting it go, not letting it ruin how I feel for the rest of the day. Courtney helped me break the cycle of binging that I have had for my entire life! Since working with Courtney, I sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and energetic and I now look at myself proudly in the mirror. She has been a wonderful aid and friend. She has truly given me tools that have forever changed my life.”

                                                                                                           -Jamie F.W.-