Thanks to my son Zadok, who is five, for giving me this awesome shot of him reaching for our fresh banana bread.

Let’s just get this straight. Eating intuitively is not something you figure out on day one. It is a learned practice. All intuitive eating simply means is listening to your bodies signals around food. It means being present in the moment and making a relaxed choice out of what authentically feels most nourishing for you in that moment. There is no anxiety, no fears, and no guidelines to follow other then what you believe honors you physically AND mentally in the present moment.

When coming out of the world of dieting where everything is rules and regulations around what to eat and when to eat, it is a challenge to start tuning back in to your bodies own signals. Where as before you relied on points, macros, calorie counting and measuring, now you are having to rely on something even more intimidating…your own body!

For example, you may crave a cupcake but wonder if the carrots and hummus are a “better” choice. Diet mentality says you have to eat the carrots. Right? They are healthy so that is the only “right” choice. That is a choice also based off fear. The fear of getting fat. The fear of “falling off the wagon.” The fear of not being “in control” of your food. Notice how that choice would make you feel. Does it cause you anxiety? Do you feel a bit of restriction because you “can’t” have the cupcake? Do you feel “powerful” or “better” because you made the “right” choice?

Making choices based off diet mentality is essentially feeling as though we are restricting ourselves from what we may really want in an attempt to control something else-our body size, our image, our life. Depending on the choice we make, the emotions we feel are either ones of triumph or of defeat.

On the flip side, from an intuitive place, you may look at the cup cake and think, that sounds delicious. You have not had one in months. You think how pretty it looks with the frosting and flowers on it and how pleasant it would be to sit down and enjoy it. 

Or, you may think, I have eaten a good deal of sweets lately. I can tell I am craving more vegetables.  I feel like the carrots would give me more energy and not make me feel so blah. They also will not give me a sugar crash and I need to stay alert today.

Notice how in both these scenarios, there was zero attachment of judgement as to who you are as a person for the choice you make. There is zero guilt, zero shame. You are totally RELAXED around either choice and which ever one you go with nurtures you fully.

This is what Intuitive eating looks likeIt is eating without the attachment of self-worth and body judgement around our choices. It is allowing ourselves to have a CHOICE that authentically serves us in the matter rather than have our diet mentality dictate to us what we HAVE to do (even when we don’t want to). It is not about RIGHT or WRONG,  GOOD or BAD, HEALTHY or NOT, BETTER PERSON or PIECE OF CRAP.

It is about being present in the moment and trusting!

And isn’t that exactly what God requires us to do? Be present. Trust in Him.

Creating a better relationship with food and your body can’t be done without a spiritual connection. Any sort of meaningful self-help is spiritually centered. We were designed to be in communication with our creator. We can’t leave God out of the equation of self-healing and growth. 

If you find yourself having difficulty making intuitive food choices, I encourage you to stop and pray for a moment when you are in the midst of your struggle. Ask God to guide you in your choice. Remove the voices of diet mentality and tune in to the voice of God. Ask Him how He wants you to feed yourself in this present moment. 

He may decide that the cake would be such a fun (food is meant to be fun, to be enjoyed!) choice for you or that the carrots are more in line with your needs for the day. Either way, He does not judge. Neither should you.

Romans: 8:1
Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of Life set me free from the law of sin and death.

To put it bluntly:

God does not condemn you and so neither should you condemn yourself. He gave you “The Spirit of Life” (Your Intuition!) to tune in to. Reach for that, get into closer relationship with His Spirit ( your intuition) and you are FREE from the law (the world, the rules the world tells us we must follow, the thin ideal, the diet culture, the media saying we are not lovable unless we fix our bodies) of sin (buying into these lies, relying on our physical appearance for success and happiness and a sense of control over our lives, allowing shame and guilt to rule our food choices) and death. (Giving our souls over to what society tells us we must look like. Living in bondage to our human nature. Pushing the truth of God and the love of Jesus off to the side in order to remain slaves to the ideal of perfectionism through body and diet.)