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God is In The Grey: What God Taught Me About Letting Go Of Black & White Thinking Around Food & My Body So That I Could Live In Peace

I used to live in black and white. Everything I did was either good or bad. There was no middle ground. If I ate pizza with all the toppings…and it is always with all the toppings ;)…  I was “bad.” If I achieved getting in all my work outs and avoided bread like the plague, […]

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Stepping Away from “The Last Supper” Mentality: How To Recognize & Get A Grip On Your Binges

One thing every dieter can relate to is “The Last Supper” mentality, a term coined by the creator and author of “Intuitive Eating”, Evelyn Tribole. It’s the mentality we have around food when we believe it’s the last time we will be able to eat it for quite some time. Ever pigged out the night […]

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Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Food All The Time: Nope, It’s Not Because You’re Crazy

American’s have one of the most twisted relationships with food as compared to Belgium, France and Japan. One study showed that Americans get less pleasure from food and worry more about whether or not what they are eating is healthy. Yet, we have higher obesity levels. We also exercise more than any other country. Food […]

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