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Stepping Away from “The Last Supper” Mentality: How To Recognize & Get A Grip On Your Binges

One thing every dieter can relate to is “The Last Supper” mentality, a term coined by the creator and author of “Intuitive Eating”, Evelyn Tribole. It’s the mentality we have around food when we believe it’s the last time we will be able to eat it for quite some time. Ever pigged out the night […]

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Moving Beyond The “I’ll Be Better Tomorrow” Mentality: Why This Destructive Pattern Is Destroying You & How You Can Take Control Back

I’ve been making it a serious priority to start living in” today.” That was something my body and food obsession totally stole from me. I was never present. I was always in “tomorrow.” Tomorrow I will weigh less. Tomorrow I will eat better(which also means I might skip meals). Tomorrow I will do an extra […]

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To All My Ladies Just Wanting To Eat “Normally”: Stop Feeling Bananas Around Your Body And What You Put In It

  Fuck! I just want to eat normally! I don’t want to be such a confused, erratic, slob of a woman who can’t get her life together around her food. I just want some peace. I just want to eat a single doughnut and not think about the rest of the remaining eleven doughnuts in […]

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Why I Believe Emotional Eating Is Not The Enemy

Eating is emotional. I don’t care what anyone says. How can something that raises our dopamine levels, provides us energy and the feeling of comfort and safety not be an emotional thing? Putting a stigma on emotional eating as a bad thing just causes more negativity around it. Binges, rebellious eating and restriction are spawned […]

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