I never felt good about myself when I was dieting.

Unless of course, I was losing pounds.

I was obsessed with my body and what I fed it. Every breath I took revolved around food, weight, and the gym.

It was far more anxiety- filled, fear -driven trauma- inducing negative self-talk then it was positive love, affirmation, trust, acceptance and faith.

To be in a relationship with dieting is to be in an abusive relationship. 

You don’t get it when you are in it.

All you see is the “love” it gives you. All you can do is make excuses for the pain you experience while following the relationship further down the road.

You feel unworthy.

You believe you are un-lovable.

You think you can not find happiness outside of the relationship.

You rely 100% on your abuser (the diets) to provide a quality of life for you that on the outside may appear happy but behind closed doors, you are being beaten down by it everyday.

You call yourself fat.



Out of shape. Out of touch. Out of time.

You berate and deny and withhold all sorts of love…love for yourself, God’s love… until you have proven yourself worthy to your abuser, the diet.

By worthy, you hit that weight loss goal for the week, made all gym appointments even when you felt tired and run down and over-worked and stuck to your meal planning and prepping like a champ.

In other words, you submitted to the diet and so the diet spared you.

Instead, it falsely suppled you with a sense of god-like power as a reward for your subservient dedication.

You believed you have control over your food and your body…at least for this week.

But what about next week? Next year? Ten years from now?

Fall off track, gain it all back.

You lose more then just a week, a year, a decade of sweat and tears and no Oreos before bed.

You lose your self-respect.

That’s what dieting does. It steals your spirit.

It robs you of the ability to stay in tune with Christ as your spiritual guide by sucking you under it’s manipulative dark spell of false-hopes, promises and pretend-securities.

You are no longer thinking with the mind of Christ.

You are thinking with the mind of Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher’s, Susan Powder, Jillian Michaels, Beach Body coaches, Ideal Protein sales reps, your gym trainer, the fitness magazines you subscribe to, ect.

The mind of Christ is focused on an inward change. 

Dieting wants nothing to do with that.

The diet abuser wants to make you think you are cared for so that it can keep you under it’s control. 

We want to believe we have it under control, that we are the ones with the power.

If this were true, there would be no such thing as a yo-yo diet. No such thing as a diet industry at all because it would not take more than one try to get control of your eating.

There is a reason Weight Watcher’s has a lifetime membership! It takes a lifetime to continually attempt to keep the weight off.

Normally, in order to do that, you must live a life of restriction around food which in itself is simply, disordered eating….a disordered and abusive relationship between food and your body.

Any food you have to force yourself to avoid and feel as if it holds power over you is disordered eating.

Food is food. It should never hold power over you. What is holding power over you is the diet abuser, (the diet demon, if you will) that teaches you that your worth is your weight.

Let’s make no mistake about it, that is a messed up way to think of yourself. That is abusive. That is traumatic.

That is not Christ-like.

When the goal is to lose weight instead of get healthy (and I mean, really healthy…not weight loss healthy) the real choice we are making is to submit under the control of the world out of the insecurity it has forced upon us regarding our weight.

We must stop looking at health from the ideologic perspective of weight loss and begin to see it from the Christian perspective of self-love through acceptance of God as our God.

We do not rule ourselves. We are under the power of one much higher than us. One whose purpose is to make us healthy, not through a worldly means, but through a supremely spiritual and radically righteous way!


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