Psalm 107:27-28…they were at their wits end. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and he brought them out of their distress.

Have you ever felt like you are just at your wits end?

Maybe it is with your battle over your weight.

Maybe it is with your family, your job, just your plain existence.

God brings us to our wits end in order to open our hearts to his healing.

It is at our wits end where we finally experience the humility we need to lean into him for help rather then rely on our own, human and very flawed abilities.

I know about wits end.

I have been taken to mine more times than I can count.

Sometimes, it has been a new wits end. Others, it was God meeting me at one I swore I had already conquered.

At each of these wit ends I have known one thing to be true: No matter how many times we get to the end of our rope, God is faithful and catches us when we are too weak to hold on anymore.

Ten years after my recovery from bulimia, I had sworn that I would never see those dark days again.

I was wrong.

During a season of great stress, my illness came back. I found myself too weak to hang on through my own strength but too afraid to seek God for help.

Angry, confused, frustrated with my relapse, I did not want to even face that it was an issue again in my life. I had been so certain these days were over and yet, here I was, engaging in self-destructive behavior I had worked so hard to beat.

The truth is, I felt like a failure….
and I let Satan use those feelings against me. I gave in to his ruling over my life instead of reaching for my Lord.

I was on the pity pot of the binge and purge cycle.

Not for long, however.

God reminded me this time around how horrific a life I led during my bondage to binging and purging.

I recall those days where it literally ruled over my entire life and I was not going to let it steal my joy…my passion for living again.

What I understood this time around about being at my wits end is that I can go no further without God.

I can not move beyond the end without his supernatural strength and wisdom to carry me through.

I also learned that though we may feel we have won the battle, God can always bring it back to us if he feels it will further our faith and our healing and we must be open to that. 

My relapse was not a sign of me becoming a bulimic again, it was a symbol of my lack of faith in his complete control of my life.

It was a sign that my self-care was in need of some major attention.

It showed me that I was living in self-doubt, fear… panic mode….and I was choosing to live there alone, only letting God in when and if I felt like it.

When we reach our wits end is not when we burry our heads in defeat, but reach out in faith to our loving God.

Our rescuer.

Our deliver.

Satan wants us trapped.

He wants us believing that we can not heal. That we are failures. That we do not deserve freedom. That we must punish and destroy ourselves.

God’s message is one of mercy and grace. 

His love for us can never be removed. He is a constant and he never changes, no matter what evils may overcome us, the Lord is right there ready to take us out of them.

But he will not force us.

He may use your circumstances to guide you towards him.

He may have you walk over coals you trampled long ago.

He will allow you to get to what feels like your wits end…recognize that it is here where your true beginning lies.

Stay open to where he has put you, knowing that it is not a mistake.

Hold onto the truth; that if you believe, you will be saved.

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Grace & Peace,
Courtney Kopec